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me covered in slime at my desk


I hope you enjoy my new website! Take a look around and check it out. 


I'm working very long hours at the moment on new projects to help support my messy work, so that I can hopefully afford to bring you new content with multiple models and higher production budgets.


Now the first, second and third new projects are here and I'd really appreciate your support.

I made a blog just for cleaning advice, tips and tricks, how to prepare and clean up any substance - getting rid of that lingering dairy smell, getting flour blobs out of your hair, how to have a successful hotel session and more.


There will be weekly articles. I'm five articles in so far but please go and read, enjoy, like and share - and join to receive updates when a new article goes live!



I added three free gunge video compilations to my blog (and need your help to make episode four worth doing)


I spent months designing and finessing to create perfect gifts for the wammers in your life, or to treat yourself, and to spread a message of joy, fun, being yourself, and having no shame.


Check out my merch designs here!

PSA: If you are new to redbubble and become a member, you'll get 20% off your first order - visit the site and wait for the pop up prompt to sign up and get your discount code! (or their holiday season sales might be better)

Treat yourself - or your partner, fave wam friend, or your fave creator! x


Redbubble isn't very good at showing you which designs are available on which items - so I've made a list of links to all items, with a collage of all designs here!

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