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Bonkers Costs


You're probably already aware, WAM is an expensive business to be involved in - it can be really difficult to hit the profit margins needed to continue creating content, especially during this crazy time of inflation to the cost of living. Model costs are higher, plus all the costs of supplies.


So this is a page with all the ways you can help - some of them have no cost to you, some of them are affiliate links for things you might be purchasing anyway (so no additional cost to you)

How To Help

If you purchase from my affiliate links, I'll get a small commission. It can add up and make a difference! For example from my amazon affiliates on my old site version, it took me 2 years to get £25 which is the minimum payout, but I then used that to get the treacle Lottii Rose sploshed with in a recent download. That video wouldn't have existed without it!


I hope this additional plea from me and some nice clear links will make it easier to hit £25 a bit faster this time and help keep the wam train on the tracks!

Most Direct

Most direct way to help = buying downloads. They are always a bargain, and there's additional discounts here

I also have a handy new fancy way you can leave a tip of varying amounts right here.

Or send some clothes or WAM substances from my wishlist,


Or click and use my affiliate links. Even if you don't want one of the products listed here, click a link anyway before you buy anything from Amazon and it will still count towards commission and go directly into messy downloads


The Dream


I really want to do more scenes with 2, 3 or 4 models. Bigger productions, better sets, gunge tank improvements, but it's not possible without your help. The last download store sale I did helped make the amazing wam videos with Aston possible. Tips, download sales and affiliate proceeds will be going directly into wam scenes with two models. Then, after that, I'll be trying to afford three! The costs never end, so if you have been purchasing stuff, or clicking my affiliate links before buying from amazon, clicking the hearts on my posts etc then thank you SO much! x

Help Out For Free

Follow my twitter, click the like button on my tweets, retweet and leave a comment as well to turbocharge your help!

Join PurplePort using my link and you'll help me to get in touch with a book models more easily.


You don't have to use it and it's free to join, and helps me out a lot. (but also it's the best place to be if you want to become a model or photographer/producer etc) 

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel


Join, enjoy and click the hearts on my new in depth WAM advice blog



Click the hearts on my UMD pics


Follow my UMD profile (helps you find things you can click hearts on eg forum posts and pics)


Follow my Instagram


Follow whichever of my stores interests you the most 





Put my link on your website or ask me to guest post on your blog (email me to arrange banner swaps etc -


Follow my designs/merch Pinterest page (and pin any you like to your own boards)


Follow my designs/merch twitter (likes retweets and comments appreciated there too)

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Watch my YouTube videos, subscribe and click the like button


Join and click the hearts on my messy video blog posts

Cool Stuff I Recommend


I love Audible for audiobooks! I listen while cleaning up after filming.


Audible is the publisher and distributor of the world’s largest selection of digital audiobooks and spoken-word content. Audible customers can listen anytime and anywhere to professionally narrated audiobooks across a wide range of genres, including bestsellers, new releases, sci-fi, romances, classics, and more. Click the graphic below to get your no obligation free trial!

Pro tip - I set a reminder on my phone immediately as soon as I sign up to any trials, reminding me of the date to choose whether I want to continue or not.

Cool AI Pics

ai profile pictures

I got some really cool AI profile pics from - you give it a set of pictures of you from varying angles and it generates tons of different images and styles for you. Really fun! 

Recommended Cleaning Kit

The struggle. We as wammers all know the horror of the messy session clean up. The good news is I have 15 years experience in the best tools and items to help you get it done quickly and leaving zero trace or gunge, custard beans or...anything - anywhere.

My number one top tip is to use the correct tool or product for the job. Ineffectively smearing stuff around with a bit of flimsy kitchen roll will ruin your mood, your day and all the fun you just had sploshing. So do yourself a huge favour and stock up on these items in advance - then keep them all near your intended session area!


For in depth cleaning and preparation guides and info for each substance and situation, don't miss my new articles & methods blog for expert advice from a professional splosher Spotless Sploshing

All cleaning, substances, producing and other recommendations here in the splosh kit section




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WAM Advice Blog




Splosh Kit

Awesome Gifts & Merch


Messy Videos


More Links & Resources

Mental Health & WAM



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