Free WAM, Gunge & Splosh Videos

I made a compilation of gunge and gungetank footage, with lots of gunge drops and hits and submerging intending it to be episode 1 of 'the best of 2022' but YouTube removed it because I linked to UMD.


Thing is, I need to link to my UMD store, because besides giving you some excellent entertainment, I'd like all the work that goes into editing something like that to result in furthering my reach and audience, and hopefully earnings, because I still need to save a fair bit to be able to afford and bring you the two girl+ and x rated content I love creating.

Quite a few of my old free YouTube wam videos are still there, but I've had to remove any links to UMD so that they hopefully don't break the rules (I always mark them as 18+ as well even though they are literally just silly and with zero nudity) 

So instead, I'm working on adding content like that to my blog section here instead, so that they are shareable and I have a metric to measure to see if you like it and if it's worth me doing more.


What I mean is, if enough of you share the posts and click the hearts, and leave nice comments, I'll put the work into doing the next episode. Deal? 

I hope so...

I've now embedded my blog to this page so you can see the video post/s below!


I'll make the next free WAM video when it hits 500 hearts on episode 3, so be sure to click the heart!


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