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Recent Gungetank Videos Free Teasers!

Recent Gungey Videos

As you will see from the free video a little further down this post, I have been having a great time filming with Lottii Rose, Honour May and Lottie Lalay.

I'll be filming again with Aston soon, but could do with a little help getting even more gunge and messy items. The new gungetank system uses 4 to 5 times more gunge than the old one. Yikes!

Want More (and better) Freebies In Future?

I can't release many full freebies at the moment as these posts aren't getting enough heart clicks unless I keep asking for them like daily on twitter etc. I don't have time for that and don't want to pester everyone into it, but I have to slow down the freebies til all have caught up with lots of lovely hearts.

I'll release some more full free scenes when every single post here has at least 50 hearts, including this one.

You can also help keep these free videos coming in future by joining up (free!) to get notified when a new video drops, and by using my affiliate links before doing any amazon shopping this year (or pick up some of the best sploshing items on that page, the stuff I recommend)

Sale! And An Extra Coupon!

For the next week or so the sale is still on at Candygirls, and there is an extra 20% off coupon you can use on top of the sale which will take your total discount to 50% off. Don't miss my discounts page here!

Pro tip: it works on all the messy bundles too, which are already heavily discounted and also in the sale!

I've put the sale back on to help towards the huge gunge costs for filming with Aston, so your support is massively appreciated :)

Ultimate Guides To Mixing All Gunge, Pies & More

The newest in depth articles are now up on Spotless Sploshing, covering how to mix and clean up every kind of gunge, and the most in depth deep dive into every kind of pie, pie bases and fillings, how best to make them, and which ones are best for throwing and smooshing!

You'll also find the full guides to having a massive session in a hotel, mixing up bulk porridge/oatmeal, oily things, paint, cleaning up huge messes, treacle, butter, angel delight, custard, cakes, permanently getting rid of the dairy smell and much more!

The Latest Free Gunge Video

Here it is below! Enjoy these little teaser clips from the five most recent slime video releases, featuring beautiful Lottii Rose, Honour May and Lottie Lalay getting mega gunged in their superb outfits of jeans, pvc and more.

Win Free Videos

Also you can get in with a chance of winning a free download of your choice by signing up for free and leaving a comment. All comments on each post here on the messy video blog and on Spotless Sploshing count as one entry - each draw is on the 20th of each month and announced on my twitter and to the email provided at sign up.

More WAM Content

If you'd like to see more head over to my links page to find all my messy content including full versions with natural sound and all that, plus wamstructions, bundle deals, Candyguys, searching scenes by preference, other clip stores etc...

- Wanna model? See this page for how to become a messy model, yes this is for guys too!

- My download store is here, but don't forget the discounts page first for your extra coupon

- Twitter @candycustard

Preparation and cleaning advice - in depth articles about how to permanently get rid of the dairy smell, how to have huge hotel sessions, plus all about pies, gunge, porridge and more

If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide, they may be affiliate and I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my blog so I can continue to provide you with free content each week x

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