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Free Gunge Video! Best Of 2022 | Episode 2

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Thanks for the 50 hearts on the last episode! I love imaginary internet points lol

100 hearts on this one, and I'll do Episode 3

Enjoy Lottii Rose, Kacie James and Lottie Lalay in the gunge tank, with various different outfits including pvc, latex, satin and more! Please click the join/sign in button to get notified when a new episode goes live, and thanks for the support.

As always, the full gungey videos are all available on my Candygirls download store - and don't miss my discounts page, there's currently a 50% off coupon for Black Friday

If you are planning your own session soon, also check out my Spotless Sploshing blog for in depth, expert WAM advice on things like hotel sessions, getting rid of the dairy smell, plus preparing and cleaning up anything - even oily things, and getting flour blobs out of your hair (and weekly updates - the next one will be beans!)


Win Free Videos

Also you can get in with a chance of winning a free download of your choice by signing up and leaving a comment. All comments on each post here and on Spotless Sploshing count as one entry - next draw is on 20th January!

As always, all video are available in full with natural sound (and usually topless and nudity included) on my umd download store

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Videos used so far in these compilations (across all three episodes so far)

gunged girls
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