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Free Gunge & Gungetank Video Episode 3

Updated: Dec 21, 2022


Haha, OK here's the next one - you're all doing this sooo fast and I'm hugely grateful but also insanely busy at the moment so... 500 hearts on this one for me to post the free Episode 4 please!

Messy Origin

This is from a selection of my faves, featuring Lottii Rose, Leena, & Lottie Lalay - gunge tank and deep gunge pool, smart outfit, PVC, pink dress and jeans all getting covered and saturated with lovely thick white, pink, blue and black slime. There's a list of the scenes below the free vid. Enjoy!

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Also please do me an extra favour to help fund this endeavour, if you're doing any shopping on amazon for the festive season, click my affiliate link first and I'll get a (very) small commission if you buy anything. That link goes to books, which always make a great gift

I also have WAM related items linked in the Splosh Kit section if you want to see some great products for making clean up easier (especially the massage mat!) some great wam substances, and stuff you need to be a producer. Any and all earnings will get put straight back into making videos. Thanks!

All videos featured are available in my Candygirls download store, and don't forget to check the discounts page first and make sure you're not missing any coupons (some new ones added 17th December 2022)

As always, all video are available in full with natural sound (and usually topless and nudity included) on my umd download store

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Videos used so far in these compilations (across all three episodes so far)


For loads more head over to my links page to find all my messy content including full versions with natural sound and all that, plus wamstructions, bundle deals, Candyguys, searching scenes by preference, other clip stores etc...

- Wanna model? See this page for how to become a messy model, yes this is for guys too!

- My download store is here, but don't forget the discounts page first for your extra coupon thanks to people voting me wotd twice this week (updated 17th December)

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