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Becoming A Messy Model


You want to become a messy or splosh model - that's great! The world needs more people willing to have a grand old messy time in front of the camera, male, female, trans or non binary I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap!


However, there's some things you should learn and do first. 

Number one is safety. Here are PurplePort's model safety guidelines (I use Purpleport) and I've added a few of my own pointers.

Before shoots/while arranging

Trust your instincts - if something seems off then don't proceed with a shoot.


If someone is behaving inappropriately (e.g. pushing you to shoot things you don't want, asking you personal questions, etc) either during communications on PurplePort, on social media, or elsewhere, then please report it.


Ensure you set levels, boundaries, and expectations before the shoot.


Check references by contacting people they have worked with before (don't just view the references, drop some of them a message too)


Ensure other people (e.g. friends or relatives) know where you are going and when you will return.


Ensure you have funds to get home and that your phone is charged.


During shoots


A photo shoot is a professional setting and you should expect to be treated just as any other professional regardless of your experience.


Don't be pushed or coerced into doing something you don't want to.


Stick to the agreed levels and boundaries.


There is no need for a photographer to touch you, move you into poses, etc.


Don't accept a photographer discussing your personal life, or them discussing theirs.


If you feel uncomfortable at any point, or if you feel someone's behaviour is unacceptable, then end the shoot immediately.

Then, once you are familiar with and confident with the safety guidelines, it's best to get some experience with 'clean' modelling first.


Join up to a site like PurplePort and build your portfolio by doing some TFP shoots (that means 'time for pictures') and this means an experienced photographer (remember to check their references) may offer their services free, and in return, so do you. This results in great pictures for your portfolio, and you can leave each other references confirming each other as genuine and a good experience (presuming it was) 

Once you have some portfolio pictures and some positive references, WAM producers (including me) may consider hiring you for paid messy shoots. I no longer hire any model that doesn't already have experience and references.

Here is my own PurplePort portfolio page, and you can view my example photos and references left by others, by scrolling down the page. 

I'll add some more pointers to this page in time, but for now, that's everything you need to get started. Be safe, and have fun! 

More tips here on becoming a model (aimed at women but PurplePort accepts any gender)

How to get paid modelling work 

Or are you a photographer or video producer, or want to get started? Purpleport is the place to be for you too! Check out their various articles and blogs for additional tips.

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