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WAM & Mental Health

Struggles with mental health are very common amongst the population in general, but I've noticed that some who have a fetish often face additional challenges in this area. 

The 'Messy Minds' group on UMD was created because of this, and ever since the creation, I've been meaning to do this but have only just been able to start getting my thoughts in motion due to limitations of my own messy mind!

I want to develop something supportive, and write about mental health and wam with the aim of helping anyone out there struggling in our wam community, but I want more understanding first.

Update 22nd November 2022: I have a really wide variety of responses to my survey now. Thanks very much for your input.


 With my increased understanding from your help, I'm working on something to put here. So hopefully one day this section can actually be a useful resource for the splosh community.

Thanks very much x







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