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Messy & WAM Sessions

My WAM Sessions



My messy sessions are still on hiatus following numerous setbacks.


I still hope to get them going again one day. After much consideration, I think the earliest this can realistically happen is summer 2024.


I will update here and on my twitter, and contact those who are waiting when the time comes.


Last updated 26th June 2023



Other Session Providers

I am working on putting the splosh sessions directory back together - scroll down for official listings.


There are some new providers in the listings and new messy studios in the 'more' section further down.

New UMD Rule & How You Can Help

New rule as of 7th December 2022, no wam session advertising is allowed on UMD and you can't request sessions either


I'm re-creating my directory because of this, but I'd appreciate your help


Point session providers in my direction and they can advertise here free of charge.


I do not have time to chase them all and ask. There are hundreds out there but many only mention it on their own social media, they have no idea about UMD and no idea how many people are looking for providers (it's a LOT) 

The Form

If you want to advertise for free here, just  fill in this form  





1) Please keep any pics and descriptions PG - If your services are adult natured, you can go into detail when someone contacts you for more info

2) Listing/directory only. I am not responsible for whoever may contact you. If you are not experienced with in person sessions, please talk to other session providers first about safety screening and managing timewasters.


Service Seekers

I am not responsible for whether a model or service provider replies to your message or not. I am not omnipresent and I'm a busy woman. I can't keep tabs on whether someone left the scene or not, is taking a break or already too busy etc. I am not a manager or an agent.

I want everyone to be successful and all customers to be able to find what they are looking for but if no one else will help make it easier on me by helping me fill the directory then that sucks. It's my own time and money I'm using here to attempt to provide a useful site for the whole wam community.

Sploshing Session Providers Listings

Honour May


WAM Legend Honour May is offering splosh sessions anywhere in the UK as she travels often for other modelling work




Gunge Tank Babes

gunged woman in gunge tankk babes gungetank

We are able to offer Dunk Tank, Gunge Tank and Hot Tub Sessions in the UK - Rochester, Kent area.  


The sessions do not involve a model and are purely an opportunity to be Dunked in the Dunk Tank or Gunged in the Gunge Tank or a wet look session in the Hot Tub.


Our sessions are fun, can include a quiz as per our films and can also be filmed for you.





Twitter: @gungetankbabes

Wam Chantelle


I offer claypit sessions at one of my shoot locations in and around the Essex area, UK


New update - I have a brand new versatile studio suitable for hire for messy sessions, and it can also convert to a dungeon. Well equipped, with shower and other facilities. Email me for all the exciting details!


I can do hotel meets but as well as my fees you would have to also cover the hotel and the cost of any mess used


Mistress MD


Available in Worcester, UK - the amazing Mistress MD!

I absolutely love Sploshing and have been actively participating for a few years alongside my Domination and wrestling sessions. 


I have my own private space which doubles as my wrestling and Sploshing room located in Worcester where I hold and film my sessions/content. I am also able to film custom videos.






Currently there are only a few others I know of. 

My advice is to follow the twitter pages of Penny Banks and Kacie James as they sometimes still do sessions and announce when available.


I believe Kacie still has her own venue sometimes.


Also QuizBob In Birmingham offers gunge tank sessions

In the USA, Darla Devour is sometimes able to offer sessions

Messy Studios


Some studios on Adultfolio have the capability to host messy sessions. Click here, and then search L A Studio (it's in the midlands, UK) 

Also don't miss that Chantelle now has messy studio too in Essex, UK 

There may be others too - please let me know if you find any, plus bonus points if you let them know they can have a free ad here :)  




Last updated 26th June 2023

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