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Kacie & The Giant Pie Free WAM Video


Kacie got into a pool of 400 cans of shaving foam, wearing only her boots and I made a free version of it for you (much longer than YouTube trailer)

Video Origin

When Kacie came to open my studio back in 2018 we did a huge messy session for a customer and we also did some filming as this pie was too crazy and awesome to leave unseen.

The resulting full video is here on my Candygirls store, and the new free version is below for you.

I wrote about how I prepared this giant pie and how long it took etc here - and there's also some advice for you about cleaning it up again, as shaving foam leaves a weird residue.

Want More Freebies In Future?

You can help keep these free videos coming by clicking the heart on the post, joining up to get notified when a new video drops, and by using my affiliate links before doing any sales shopping this year (or pick up some of the best sploshing items on that page)

A Special WAM Project

I also created a special compilation of every single gunge drop and pour of every gunge scene this year - it's for a special project to improve the studio and the improve the gunge tank even further, so all sales go directly to that. I put a poll on twitter asking about gunge tank preferences so go and get your vote in here (still one day left on the voting)

Sale! And An Extra Coupon!

For the next week or so (until January 5th 2023) the sale is still on at Candygirls, and because I was voted wammer of the day twice in one week last week, there is an extra 20% off coupon you can use on top of the sale which will take your total discount to 50% off. Don't miss my discounts page here!

Pro tip: it works on all the messy bundles too, which are already heavily discounted and also in the sale! Many work out to be 3 dollars or less per scene if you use the coupon as well.

Thanks very much for making me wammer of the day twice this week, I am honoured.

Ultimate Guides To Mixing All Gunge, Pies & More

The newest in depth articles are now up on Spotless Sploshing, covering how to prepare and clean up lots of shaving cream, just like this free video, mix and clean up every kind of gunge, and the most in depth deep dive into every kind of pie, pie bases and fillings, how best to make them and which ones are best for throwing and smooshing!

Of course you'll also find the full guide to having a massive session in a hotel, mixing up bulk porridge/oatmeal, oily things, cleaning up huge messes, permanently getting rid of the dairy smell, cleaning up treacle and lots more.

The Free Video

Here it is below! Enjoy!

Oh and I also added one to my YouTube channel the other day - different to ones posted here. Go check that out too and subscribe!

Win Free Videos

Also you can get in with a chance of winning a free download of your choice by signing up and leaving a comment.

All comments on each post here and on Spotless Sploshing count as one entry - next draw is on 20th January!

All about sploshing with shaving cream and making a big pool of it


If you'd like to see more head over to my links page to find all my messy content including full versions with natural sound and all that, plus Wamstructions, Bundle deals, Candyguys, searching Candygirls scenes by preference, other clip stores etc...

- Wanna model? See this page for how to become a messy model, yes this is for guys too!

- My download store is here, but don't forget the discounts page first for your extra coupon

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Preparation and cleaning advice - in depth articles about how to permanently get rid of the dairy smell, how to have huge hotel sessions, plus all about pies, gunge, porridge and more

If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide, they may be affiliate and I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my blog so I can continue to provide you with free content each week x

kacie james submerged in shaving foam sploshing
Kacie in the pie

©2022 by Candy Custard.

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azure seale
azure seale
Dec 31, 2022

Always loved kacie videos

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