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Lottie Lalay Free Messy WAM Compilation


The latest free video installment for you. A Lottie Lalay gungey compilation!

Video Origins

All the full versions are available on my Candygirls UMD store. You can find them individually via Lottie's model page here. Or as a ridiculously bargainous bundle deal with gunge pool gunge tank, all different colours of slime, and loads of different outfits including latex, pvc, dresses, boots and more, all getting gloriously messy. Her latest scene with jeans in the gunge pool is here

Become A WAM Model

This video is brought to you by my new page on how to become a model - yes that includes men and you don't have to be a typical model type - all ages, shapes and sizes are needed!

If you want to be a messy model there is an ideal protocol you need to follow to get started, so I've written about that and provided some useful links here. I get guys asking all the time to model for me, so if you want to do it I'm gonna need you to follow those steps first.

Want More WAM Freebies In Future?

You can help keep these free videos coming by clicking the heart on the post, joining up to get notified when a new video drops, and by using my affiliate links before doing any sales shopping this year (or pick up some of the best sploshing items on that page)

Also don't forget that when you join up and leave a comment, you can be in with a chance of winning freebies. Details further down in this post.

A Special Sploshing Project

I also created a special compilation of every single gunge drop and pour of every gunge scene this year - it's for a special project to improve the studio and the improve the gunge tank even further, so all sales go directly to that. Likewise, same applies to sales of any and all wam bundles.

Bundles are already discounted, plus the sale is still on, and there's a coupon you can use on the discounts page while the sale lasts, so they are absolutely bonkers value too! Discount page is linked in the paragraph below.

Messy Video Sale! And An Extra Coupon!

For the next week or so the sale is still on at Candygirls, and because I was voted wammer of the day twice in one week, there is an extra 20% off coupon you can use on top of the sale which will take your total discount to 50% off. Don't miss my discounts page here!

Pro tip: it works on all the messy bundles too, which are already heavily discounted and also in the sale!

Thanks very much for making me wammer of the day twice, I am honoured.

Ultimate Guides To Mixing All Gunge, Pies & More

The newest in depth articles are now up on Spotless Sploshing, how to mix and clean up every kind of gunge, and the most in depth deep dive into every kind of pie, pie bases and fillings, how best to make them and which ones are best for throwing and smooshing!

Of course you'll also find the full guide to having a massive session in a hotel, mixing up bulk porridge/oatmeal, oily things, cleaning up huge messes, and permanently getting rid of the dairy smell, and lots more

The Messy Video

Here it is! Enjoy the gorgeous Lottie x

Spotless Sploshing

Prepare & Clean up any substance, anywhere, anytime! Here's me, fearlessly covering myself in black treacle, knowing I can easily clean it up again. So can you, with anything and everything. There's an uncensored version on my free videos on UMD too. On my profile.

Win Free Videos

You can get in with a chance of winning a free download of your choice by signing up for free and leaving a comment. All comments on each post here and on Spotless Sploshing count as one entry - next draw is on 20th January!


If you'd like to see more head over to my links page to find all my messy content including full versions with natural sound and all that, plus wamstructions, bundle deals, Candyguys, searching scenes by preference, other clip stores etc...

- Wanna model? See this page for how to become a messy model, yes this is for guys too! We need all ages, heights, shapes and sizes etc!

- My download store is here, but don't forget the discounts page first for your extra coupon

- Twitter @candycustard

If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide, they may be affiliate and I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my blog so I can continue to provide you with free content each week x

©2022 by Candy Custard.

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