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Cleo Summers Gunge Tank Gunged! Free WAM Video

Updated: Dec 23, 2022


Apologies to those who received an email saying a Lottie Lalay free video was released - that one isn't ready yet, so I'm releasing this one early, and the Lottie one will be next week.

Here's a full episode (well, the clothed part) of Cleo Summers getting gunged in her gungetank round of Candy's next top wam model.

Scene Origin

Looking stunning in her smart red dress, stockings and undies the challenge is to get gunged and then throw the best pose, which I score. Cleo ended up winning that year, so you know it's good! She's just incredible!

In the full episode, Cleo is gunged again nude to then show me her best nude and slimy pose, and then things get naughty as she tries to win best orgasm face in the x rated final round.

I can't show that on this site, but you can grab the full episode as a bargain using a coupon from my discounts section - and if you're lucky, the sale might still be on too! Once you've got your discount coupon, head on over to the Candygirls store

Or, here's a direct link to the exact full video

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The Free Messy Video

Here it is! Enjoy the gorgeous, fit, toned, award winning stunt woman and model Cleo Summers getting gloriously gloopily messy.

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cleo summers model gunged
The Video Thumbnail - Gorgeous Cleo

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